One of today's news headlines concerns the administration's move to ban flavored e-cigarettes because of a surge in teen vaping. It is not clear whether the deaths of six people so far and hundreds of cases of pulmonary illnesses related to vaping also contributed to the decision.

This rush to address a problem caused by the voluntary use of e-cigarettes lies in stark contrast to the administration's total lack of response to not only the 295 mass shootings of innocents as of September 11 this year [] but also the larger epidemic of gun-related violence in this country.

Doing the bidding of the NRA, the president and the gutless Senate refuse to take even the smallest step toward universal background checks. Instead, the priority is to expend resources to attack the e-cigarettes, even though people can choose not to use them. Innocent victims don't have the choice not to be shot.

Barbara Liguori

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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