Re: the May 7 article "Report: Humans are accelerating rate of animal, plant extinctions."

Proliferation shares root meaning with Pro-Life. When proliferation goes beyond the capacity of the environment to sustain life, promoting life becomes a liability to the human species. Unrestrained proliferation is the most critical cause for a failure to exist.

Arizona Daily Star, May 7th, 2019, "Extinction is looming over 1 million plant and animal species. Report: Humans are accelerating rate of plant and animal extinctions.", Seth Borenstein, Associated Press.

The greatest stress load on the environment is the increasing demands of a growing population. Social resolution on a global scale is needed to restore the damage.

Pro-Life for the sake of producing more souls is counter-productive. We are seriously challenged to redirect the perspective and find resolution through intercession into the human life cycle.

The world's greatest economy owns the greatest responsiblity to lead in reducing world population. A "Higher Being" would have it no other way than for humans to succeed, however, given conventional feeling toward birth intercession, it may be a wasted expection.

Doug Wood

Green Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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