Leaving our abandoned Kurd allies to face three powerful armies of Turkey, Syria and Russia. Kurd families, women and children trapped between Gas and barrel bombing, Russian air strikes and Turkish army with absolutely no place to go. It’s their homes, schools and Hospitals being attacked, genocide of a people ‘And the Band Plays on’.

Is ‘Letters to the Editor’ and waiting for 2020 all we can do? Silence from our Arizona McSally (appointed) a staunch and fearful Trump supporter, Sinema a blank slate, are they aware or care people are being murdered? Maybe this is we Americans absolutely no place to go moment, if so it pales to that of the Kurds.

Is it just another of Trumps distraction or could it be his deal with Erdoğan in connection with his business interests within Turkey beyond the “Trump Tower Istanbul”? Really what can we do?

Walter Rhudy

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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