To clarify misinformation in a letter to the editor, acknowledging white privilege is not synonymous with hating white people. Acknowledging white privilege is a thoughtful and sometimes painful recognition that those of us who are white have inherent benefits that others do not. An example: as I sped on I-10 this morning in "the fast lane" I was frustrated the car in front of me was going "only" the speed limit. As I passed I noticed a black man driving; it dawned on me....if I get pulled over the worst that might happen to me is a speeding ticket and a stern mini-lecture. It is more likely that a person of color getting pulled over will be detained, searched or arrested. That is the white privilege I benefit from - I feel (and am) safer, more likely to get my health care needs met, unlikely to be followed in a store...the list goes on...and on...and on.

Sonja Stupel

North side

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