This 4th of July celebration will be a sad one for me and for many other fellow Americans. I cannot rationalize or understand how any person, much less the person with the title of president of the united states, can demonstrate such a lack of caring as to use National Park funds to put tanks on the front lawn of the white house and do a fly over. Those are the actions of a non-caring, dictatorial, selfish, person who has either no understanding and/or respect for American values. Tax payer dollars are being spent on putting up bleachers and hiring security people (who should be home) for a twenty minute speech to advertise “ME”. We should be using dollars to solve the people problem at the border with food and facilities not applauding the weapons of war. The Statue of Liberty surely is shedding tears tonight as she can no longer stand and proudly say, peace on earth, good will to men--welcome!. We live our American values.

Diane Uhl

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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