The Prophet of Islam said, “Help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or is oppressed.” Someone asked, “O Messenger of Allah, we help the oppressed, but how do we help an oppressor?” and he replied, “By restraining him or preventing him from committing injustice, for that is how you support him.”

We mourn again the losses incurred during several shootings last week, and ask for something to be done, for peace to be upheld, and this violence to end. Islam ordains Law and order is a mercy for mankind, not only for the general public but also the perpetrator themselves, that prevents the evil in themselves. The duty for those in power to uphold peace, by passing laws that restrain peoples lesser nature from manifesting.

In the end, I pray the victims may find peace, the perpetrators face justice, and our leaders uphold peace! God willing!


Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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