As an attorney, who has done investigations, I respect how you kept a low profile during your investigation. I understand that you submitted your report to the Attorney General, per regulations; however, you knew when you accepted your assignment that you were working for "The People." You knew the majority of "The People" would never read your report or the summaries. It is "nice" that you want to want to remain "above the political fray," but, respectfully Sir, you have not finished your job. Your job is to explain your investigation to the people in a neutral, fair, and unbiased fashion. There are times in our careers when it is incumbent upon us to stand up and speak the truth, regardless of politics, others feelings, or how we will be viewed by petty people. There are too few leaders who are willing to stand up and speak the truth to the American people. We thought you were going to be one of the few. Please don't hide behind closed doors.

Anna Dolak

Oro Valley

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