Regarding the suggestion to return to the bracero program to help solve illegal immigrant "problems," I taught kindergarten in Fresno County, Calif., during the era of bracero programs on the '50s and early '60s. It may have been good for the farmers, but it was not a "win" for children and other humanistic priorities. Families were not covered in the law, and instead of having at least minimal housing provisions, unauthorized and unrecognized families were sleeping in culverts under the highway.

I, perhaps naively, believed that learning English would contribute to the children's "way out," and I have done what I could to promote that end. But there is still the same problem. Yes, it is an educational one, and economic, but above all moral. I keep the belief that the welfare of children and families (not of entrepreneurs and political parties) should be our priority when deciding whom to vote for this fall.

Muriel Saville-Troike


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