Re: the Feb. 13 letter to the editor "Green New Deal is a silly idea."

We can make other nations cut their emissions as much as we do with a bill already in Congress: “Carbon Dividends” — HR7173 — makes fossil fuel corporations, rather than taxpayers, pay to fix the climate crisis they knowingly created. It has a 10-year record of success in British Columbia, will create millions of good-paying, local, permanent jobs in the U.S. and it’s free.

“Carbon Dividends" makes all fossil fuel corporations pay a substantial and annually increasing carbon pollution fee with all of that money going to the taxpayers in equal monthly “dividend” checks. People can make a profit by using that money to buy solar/wind energy now that it’s cheaper than any fossil fuel.

“Carbon Dividends” can make other countries cut their emissions as much and as fast as we do with a fee on any goods they export to us until they’ve made those emissions cuts. See how it works at

Pete Kuntz

Northglenn, Colo.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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