Re: the July 11 article "'Everyone is safe': All 13 rescued from Thai cave."

Maybe the mother of us all entrapped 13 of her children perilously within her to teach all of us entrapped on her surface a lesson. Those 13 survived without light, food or shelter from the cave elements for two weeks through calm leadership that allayed fears and encouraged unity in the face of extreme adversity. They were rescued through the selfless action of diverse individuals of multiple nationalities able to come together around one goal.

Contrast that with leadership that seeks, finds and perpetuates power by stoking anger and fear of the "others," dividing us and thereby preventing unity that might move us toward a less perilous and more sustainable world. Can there be any doubt in minds willing to acknowledge facts what would have happened to those 13 if Donald Trump had been that soccer coach?

Eric Gormally

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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