We are preparing for the 2020 Census, a periodic event like the Olympic Games and Halley’s Comet. Boring you say? Well not this cycle, because the question of your citizenship, after a brief absence, has been reinserted on the form. I’m having trouble understanding why that, in some political circles, this is controversial. The census was mandated by our Founding Fathers to ensure that each community has the right number of representatives in government. In later years the government has also used the census as an opportunity to gather additional information, such as our age, sex, race and household income, to help better govern. But the number of questions must be limited, so we must prioritize. I have only two essential questions for the census. (1) Do you have a pulse? Don’t laugh. Dead people still vote in many states, and (2) Are you an American citizen and therefore eligible to participate in our Electoral process?

Jeffrey McConnell

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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