Re: the Oct. 8 article "Amendment is needed to curb presidential powers."

I take issue with James Williams opinion that we need a Constitutional Amendment to limit the powers of the Presidency. The Constitution as written already contains ample definition of the powers of both Congress and the President. Impeachment is the main solution to any abuse of power by the President. The other solution, of course, is the election process. As Mr. Williams states, in his mind Presidents of both parties were at fault. Of course a majority voted for them so must agree with their actions. I believe another Constitutional amendment limiting Presidential powers could hamstring a President when they need to act quickly to respond to events. And of course, allowing a President to be prosecuted for crimes while in office could tie them up in legal wrangling for months fending off false allegations. The founding fathers knew what they were doing Mr. Williams. Leave the document alone.

Bruce Dockter

Sierra Vista

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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