We don’t let children take candy from strangers.  Anonymous enticements are often corrupt.

Sadly, we do let politicians take candy from strangers.  These anonymous enticements threaten to damage voter’s ability to make sound judgements and   corrupt our democracy.

Big money donors can hide behind the shield of so-called 501(c) (4) “social welfare” organizations.  These organizations then fund political campaign ads to sway voters for or against certain politicians or ballot measures.   Without knowing who’s funding these campaigns, voters are left in the dark.  There’s no way to check for bias, verify information accuracy, or hold individuals accountable for slander or libelous content.

This is a non-partisan issue.  Republicans and Democrats are damaged by this special interest loophole.  To shine light on dirty money filling our political candy jar, Arizona voters need a constitutional amendment Securing the People’s Right to Know.  To learn where you can sign a petition to outlaw dirty money, go to OutlawDirtyMoney.com or call 602-633-5146.

Diana Alexander

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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