The Democrat news media have widely pointed out the El Paso shooter as being a white nationalist and supporter of Pres. Trump. Democrat Presidential candidates, and the AZ Star, have associated Trump with the shooting. But what about the Dayton shooter, who murdered 9 and wounded 14? He left behind social media posts supporting the far left group Antifa. He referred to the Antifa guy who fire bombed an ICE immigrant detention center in Tacoma, WA as a "martyr." He vehemently opposed border enforcement. In 2008 the shooter wrote on Twitter "kill every fascist." He supported impeaching Trump and if that did not happen he wrote, "arm, train, prepare." In June he wrote "I want socialism." So where is the outrage at Antifa supporters by the Democrat news media and Democrat Presidential candidates? The hypocrisy is stunning! They focus on El Paso as it fits their narrative that Trump is a nasty racist person. They ignore Dayton because it gives them no avenue to exercise their hate for him!

Aida Reed


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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