By now no one should be surprised by how despicable the Trump administration can be or how low they can go. The recent decision to deport migrant children and others who are in the US for sanctioned medical care is certainly reflective of the complete lack of empathy and human compassion of this administration. I give up on expecting anything else. What I can't accept is the complete lack of outrage from the Republican controlled Senate. Where is oversight? Where is simple human decency? Senator McSally has fully aligned herself with the inhumane decisions of this administration. Please go online to her website and let her know what you expect from her as she represents you. You'll be sure to get a response form letter in about 6 weeks that fails to address your concerns. Then, in 2020, vote her out of office. We are all better than this.

Sally Reed

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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