Just in - Trump administration order allows e-bikes on all federal trails where a regular bike can go.

E-bikes, powered by pedals and battery-driven electric MOTORS were classified as NON-MOTORIZED bikes by the Interior Secretary. I'm not sure I've seen a more ridiculous statement than a bike with a motor is a non-motorized bike.

I understand that allowing e-bikes will mean more people would be able to use the trails. Unfortunately, there is no way to restrict the e-bikes to only people with health problems that prevent them from riding a pedal-only bike. You will have youngsters that want to see how fast they can go. Some e-bikes currently have a top speed of 28 mph. As the technology improves, so will the speeds. I'm betting 40 mph isn't too far in the future.

Posting a speed limit wouldn't work. There is no way to enforce it.

What's next? An escalator up Mount Whitney so more people can enjoy the view?

Shawn McNamara

South side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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