Dahleen Glanton recently wrote a column in defense of Virginia Gov. Northam, despite his appearing in blackface more than 30 years ago. She urges us to judge Northam based on his career of helping those less fortunate instead of by one insensitive act. I wholeheartedly agree.

My partner of many years ago also dressed up in blackface as Micheal Jackson for Halloween. She did this not because of any prejudice but because she thought Jackson was the best singer and performer of his era. Her outfit was an homage to Jackson, not an act of racism. She was one of the most caring and kind person I have ever known. I saw her many times reach out to those in need, never acting because of the color of their skin.

To judge her actions of many years ago as racist misses the mark by a mile. The same appears to be true of Gov. Northam

Howard Strause


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