Re: the Oct. 4 letter "Ukraine's president and the whistleblower."

The author promotes several myths, fake news if you would, that has been circulated by the far right media, all soundly debunked. A whistleblower from intelligence often seeks legal counsel before filing a complaint for guidance on the procedure of filing a complaint. Schiff is a lawyer and head of the House Intelligence Committee. This was all very appropriate and doesn't point to anything sinister.

Trump's own IG issued a statement that the whistleblower rules had not been recently changed to allow secondhand information. That was always allowed. Only the form was changed.

What makes me sad is that people continue to repeat provably false information if it suits their preferred narrative. This is known as confirmation bias, that a source that confirms what you want to believe is more credible to you than a source that doesn't. This is particularly troubling when someone like the author would rather believe a far-right conspiracy theory than the public statement of the Inspector General.

Fact check is your friend.

Jennifer Larson

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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