Re: the Oct. 12 article "Warren's pregnancy discrimination story isn't that outlandish."

In 1971 a colleague and I in the English Dept. of a high school in progressive Fairfax County, Va. were both pregnant. Her due date was August; mine was September. Due to personnel regulations she was forced to leave her position in April while I was allowed to stay until June, the end of the school year. At the time no one thought such arbitrary action was unfair, but what was particularly ludicrous is that she was offered the opportunity to continue her position but as a substitute teacher. Of course, at a much reduced salary and no benefits. Seven years later the Pregnancy Discrimination Act would become a part of the Civil Rights Act. Still yet, according to an Associated Press article in Sunday's AZ DAILY STAR, this breathtaking discrimination is still in play. I'm thankful to Elizabeth Warren for bringing attention to it.

Denice Blake


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