The Daily Star continues to diminish its reputation as a source for true news.

Today, when we should be honoring a good and decent man, George H W Bush, you chose to run a companion piece entitled Well this was awkward. This purported news piece central thesis was that our sitting President was unworthy of joining together with past Presidents to honor and mourn the passing of our 41st President.

This piece, which ran for almost ½ a page, was nothing but mean and petty gossip, more fitting some cheap tabloid or inconsequential blog. Although there was no indication that this was analysis or commentary, it certainly wasn’t news. It did nothing to inform us. It wasn’t worthy as a news piece and absolutely did not deserve a place on your front page.

On a day when America reflected on more gentler and decent times, this article served no other purpose than to inflame an already divided America.

Shame on you.

Jay Allen


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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