Re: the May 7 letter "Get ready for Trump win."

In defense of my fellow Democrats, we are quite capable

of discerning fact from fiction. It seems that many Republicans just keep repeating lies. Do they actually think others will

believe these lies if they hear them often enough?

Many of us who question such lies actually do research the facts. If you read the weekly column in the AZ Daily Star which

points out the accuracies and/or fallacies of statements made by our leaders in the past week, you know these statements

have been researched.

Personally, I will work to help elect someone in 2020 who I can be proud to say is our President, someone who is a positive role model for our children and grandchildren, not an absolute embarrassment to us.

Real adults know that change, for the better, is possible if those of us who are like-minded work together for change.

Martha Kinney

Southwest side

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