A spate of letters repeating GOP/Trump campaign talking points have appeared in the star in the past few weeks. The letter writers are clearly worried about the US economy, fearing it will cost Trump the election. The letters claim that recession fears are a hoax foisted on the American people by Democrats. Concern about an impending recession originated with objective assessments of professional economists. Economists are not influenced by political trends. As scientists, they come to conclusions after analyzing available data.

Many GOP supporters evidence a similar disdain regarding climate science, refusing to accept the almost universal scientific consensus regarding climate change. While no economist (and no Democrats) claim a recession is imminent, they do state that the data are a cause of concern. Should the economy falter, will the letter writers continue to insist that the US is not sliding into recession even as they lose their homes, jobs, and retirement savings? If they are capable of denying climate science, they are capable of anything.

Jon Dorschner


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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