It is disrespectful to the American people to be treated as too illiterate to comprehend that it was not OK to obstruct/impede investigation into Russian interference in the election, or direct (imply) that others do so. It is not OK to lie and declare "no collusion" and "no contact with Russians during the campaign" when contacts have now ballooned to a documented 251 times! It is not OK to openly and zealously defend obstructive actions as proper and acceptable behavior by a president. It should be unacceptable and indefensible for publicly elected officials to act in "bad faith" by encouraging non-cooperation with subpoenas.

Do most Americans really believe that an unscrupulous individual who has lied publicly more than 10,000 times is credible while someone known for integrity and truthfulness is lying? That kind of gaslighting is disrespectful to the American people and is as hypocritical and dismissive as refusal by the GOP to read the Mueller Report ( ). Stop it!

David Brown


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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