I doubt if Trump has ever read the Constitution. I studied it and taught if for 30 years, I feel that Trump doesn't realize that when the framers set it up, they started with what they considered the most important branch, the legislature. This was to be 2 houses made up of regular citizens. Then they set up the executive branch and finally the court system. The framers feared a dictator; they had just fought a war of independence from George III.

Trump seems to think he has the right to act like a dictator. He bypasses Congress and signs executive orders. He seems at times to almost be at war with the rest of the government. The framers pictured the 3 branches of our government as being compatible, not at odds with each other.

Trump needs to read and understand the document. His time in office will be calmer.

Donald Vandine

Sierra Vista

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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