Re: the Oct. 10 letter "All the reasons to vote for Trump in 2020."

It doesn't take a genius to show you love America and do what is necessary to keep the country strong. It only takes common sense and a genuine love for the country.

Trump speaks his mind in his way and THAT is very refreshing coming from Washington DC.

Trump has a lot more 'wisdom' than 90% of our lifelong politicians in DC that do little for the people.

Trump understands how most so-called EXPERTS give opinions based on their politics and disregards the nonsensical chatter. Referencing the bogus 'Climate Change' as being Man's fault!

Trump tells the world we are not their Financiers, in blunt terms. Many in this country should be helped long before our resources go to some country that despise America.

Trump understands economics. He isn't a career politician, one that is out to take away our freedoms, like most Democrats that have that as their goal.

Vote for Trump for 2020!!!

Ron Wood

Southeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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