A 19 yr old woman from Honduras, who was 8 months pregnant just illegally scaled the border fence at Tijuana. She, her husband and young son were met by Border Patrol agents. The agents instructed them to return to Mexico. They immediately claimed asylum. The woman then went into labor and was taken to a San Diego hospital where she gave birth. The woman commented that she wanted her baby to be born in America. So what do we have here? Another "anchor baby" case where the child is now a U.S. citizen meaning the parents will never be deported. An immediate claim of asylum to at least temporarily stay here to have her baby. And the woman being taken to a hospital where she had her baby, all at U.S. tax payers' expense! This illustrates three major problems, "anchor babies", dubious claims of asylum causing a 800% increase over a few years ago, and the cost of illegal immigration to our health care system and tax payers!

David Burford

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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