Re: the July 11 letter to the editor "Parents act heroically in getting kids to safety."

Contrary to the writer's opinion, I am neither bereft of empathy for my fellow human beings or ignorant regarding the facts. I am simply an American citizen who believes that those wishing citizenship should do it through the legal process. Those who do not should not receive the benefits of a being a citizen in our country.

The parents who choose to usurp our laws and enter our country illegally do not give their children the ability to assimilate in our society, instead they are usually forced to join street gangs to survive and suffer many of the horrors the writer mentions. Coyotes also rape, murder and threaten the families of those they bring across the border. When will this stop and why can't the legal process to ensure citizenship to those who desperately want to become Americans be fixed?

Debra Jackley


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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