Bernie Sanders, former 2016 presidential candidate and current Senator of Vermont, and a few other Democrats have taken the deranged standpoint of letting felons vote. As a citizen you are given rights and laws you must follow. If these rights are exploited or laws are broken, you face the consequences by not getting the certain rights an ordinary good citizen has. After all, the punishment for committing crimes is a temporary suspension of your rights to freedom. Therefore, someone who breaks the law should have no say in making them. Sure, not all felons have been convicted of first-degree murder or sexual assault. However, people serving minor jail time will have a high chance of being released from prison before elections. As someone who leans more towards the democratic ideology, I disagree with my compatriots and believe that abhorrent felons shouldn't be allowed to vote no matter the circumstances. A true democracy is a nation in which only the good ordinary citizens following laws get to choose their laws.

Michael Villasana

South side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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