Once again the media slug of a story misrepresents the facts and the issues. This so-called deal is a consequence of the eight nation Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which, having been ratified by the US Senate, is also US Public Law. The treaty is about nuclear power and bombs, no more, no less, so any agreement under it can have no terms regarding missiles, Syria, Iranian international political activity, or anything else besides the production and use of radioactive materials. The Shah signed the treaty. The revolutionary government did not obey its terms. The other signatories imposed sanctions, under the treaty terms, for these violations. For agreeing to end those violations of the NNPT, Iran received its frozen funds and the other nations lifted those sanctions. There are other issues with Iran. There are other sanctions. All are separate from this specific agreement. Israel, having not signed the NNPT, has no part in this agreement. President Trump cannot cancel, by himself, an eight nation agreement under a ratified treaty.

David P. Vernon


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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