Re: the Oct. 4 guest column "Problem is lack of morality, not too few gun laws."

Ken Rineer’s opinion offers no solutions. As director for Gun Owners of Arizona, does he believe that the NRA’s mission to support gun manufacturers and dealers, while ignoring gun killings, is moral? That politicians’ fear of losing NRA support, legislators refusal to regulate guns, and, in fact, reduce regulations is moral? That our President’s pathological lying and narcissistic criticism of those who do not agree with him is moral leadership? Rineer is apparently unaware of or simply ignores the introductory words of the Second Amendment, a condition to the right to bear arms: “A well-regulated militia being necessary…..” Few people would repeal the Second Amendment or object to guns intended for self-defense or hunting, but assault weapons, armor-piercing bullets, high capacity magazines, and accessories to create a machinegun are clearly intended only for killing. Lily-livered legislators and the NRA enable domestic terrorism.

Robert Swaim

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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