Dear Republicans:

I’m truly sorry you’ve lost your party; I’m sad for the nation. You’ve said you value fiscal responsibility. You bludgeoned Obama for ballooning deficits and the national debt when stopping the Great Recession. What about Trump’s increases? Once you believed lying was an impeachable offense. You valued honor, truth. You then elect a leader with neither. Once you faced challenges. Now you deny climate change. Once you protected the environment. Now you reverse course. You once valued compassionate conservatism. Now you lead with fear and hatred. You believed in states and private property rights. Obviously no more. Trump told aides to break the law. He’d pardon them for taking private lands and ignoring remaining environmental laws. And valuing constitutional process? Senator McConnell ignores nations interfering in our elections. He blocks protections from madmen.

Does GOP stand for Greed over People? Have you lost your way to grab power? Still proud of the Republican Party? What does it stand for?

Nancy Jacques

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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