A letter appeared in last Friday’s Daily Star (February 8, p. A5) complaining that there were too many conservative columnists. He could put up with a few moderate conservatives, but lately conservatives were “appearing daily, spewing out their hateful, racist commentaries”.

Now I read the Daily Star five days a week and I read most of the columns, but I have never noticed hateful and racist comments by any of the columnists. I am a political moderate who likes to see both sides of things. I think that recently the Daily Star has had good balance in its opinion pages, if not always in its news reporting.

I am aware, though, that some liberal partisans are inclined to call racist anyone who disagrees with them. This is a deplorable practice, but quite common. How our letter writer could see hateful and racist ideas in the Daily Star columns is beyond me. Perhaps he is a liberal who does not want to see both sides of political issues.

Tom Griffith

Green Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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