A lifelong Republican until my party left me. Before they supported and even sponsored ideas no matter how radical, crazy or right-wing. That was before Mr. McCain selected a VP that spoke like a TEA party nutcase, that would be one heartbeat from the presidency.

I long for those old days when crazy only occurred monthly or weekly, not daily or hourly. A better time when: courtesy ruled and crudeness, rudeness and lies did not; when our word, treaties, promises were not broken; when our budget was more important than tax cuts; when crotches were not grabbed, lies were not alternate facts, friends were not enemies, babies were not imprisoned, our pride was not embarrassment and our Congress/Senate had backbone to oppose evil ideas, policies or people. When they weren't bobbleheads agreeing with crazy stuff and begin to support THE PEOPLE not special interest groups and their lobbyist.

Walter Rhudy

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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