Once again a Republican leader, David Eppihimer, misleads citizens with deceptive claims. Americans are already paying the cost for "medicare for all." It simply goes to insurance companies directly from peoples pockets or as a benefit by employers. My insurance costs roughly $700 a month. If instead I had to pay $500 a month in tax and had the same benefits I would save $200. As a small business person, I believe most employers would rather pay additional wages wiping their hands clean of dealing with insurance companies. My insurance company, Blue Cross, requires an additional $2,500 per year out of pocket before I receive most policy benefits. They also decide what physicians and treatments they will pay. Rationing already exists. We live in a country where the wealthiest corporations pay little or no tax and the pentagon spends over a trillion dollars for F-35 fighter jets. Yes we can afford universal health care.

Kalvin Smith


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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