Re: the September 6 article "Now is the time for 'Medicare for All'."

Jones' article, as I see it, is either intentionally misleading or she doesn't have a clue about current Medicare requirements.

Medicare has been routinely cutting coverages amd raising premiums. It makes no difference if your Social Security check is $800 per month or $2,500. Or anywhere in between, the premiums are the same. Addressing rationing, care is based on medically necessary and appropriate. Who makes those decisions?

NOT you and your doctor, those are administrative decisions from Medicare . I have a growing file of documents and decisions from Medicare on who pays and how much. I would be Happy to share this info with anyone that might be remotely interested. I have Medicare and an expensive supplement ins. So I’m convinced I know what I’m talking about. Medicare administratively assign a price to a procedure & the doctor accepts assignment , which is Drastically reduced in the first place.

Gordon Pumphrey

East side

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