People will go anywhere or do most anything for a better life for their family. From Africa, South America, Middle East. It's a small world now. The fence or wall is not about Honduras or Guatemala, it is about securing a border to the world. The US is a good place to live because it values freedom and provides structure to achieve a better life. People of common values join together to support a tax system, a police force, fire departments, schools, etc., to provide structure. An open border is a US without control, or without management. We don’t know whose here, how many are here, if they have something to benefit the US, or even share common values. The US needs people to contribute, not more people to take care of who have little to offer. There are limits to everything. We should begin to define what the US limits are, and who we are going to accept. And all comers are not acceptable or welcome.

Dave Locey


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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