Noting Fareed Zakaria's Opinion Piece on 5/13 suggesting a National service, I'm wondering why this has not been acted on before? From the respect of accomplishing some of the country's infrastructure, technology and other needs while providing a future for young folk who otherwise might never have the opportunity to succeed, this can only be a win-win situation. Instead of simply giving every person a thousand dollars a month as some Democratic presidential candidates have suggested, we could supply all those who meet the specifications with job experience and training. Roads and bridges could be built or repaired, and a workforce for the future put in place. More employment would result in less crime. Instead of expecting everyone to aspire to higher education, a National Service would provide a "gap" for those who might not be ready, and employment opportunities for those who did not want to attend college. And just maybe, as Fared has suggested, in the future we would pull together as a nation.

Patricia Bergen

Northeast side

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