The scene – Bishop Loughlin Memorial HS, Brooklyn New York 1960s

Two students taught by the same Christian Brothers, participating in the same activities (weightlifting, LaSalle Club)

Rudy Giuliani – Catholic - Italian - (born 5/28/44 – NY City) father allegedly involved in organized crime – Manhattan College and NY University – no military service - mayor of New York City, US Attorney General, President Trump’s personal lawyer. Married and divorced 3 times – 2 children. Prostate cancer. Honorary KBE by Queen Elizabeth. Controversial public figure.

Ted Golembiewski – Catholic – Polish - (born 5/12/44 – NY City) – father common laborer for Star Corrugated Box Company - St. John’s University – no military service - IBM tax accountant. Married for 50 years come February 14, 2020, 8 children, 20 grandchildren. Chronic pancreatitis. No knighthood – Queen Elizabeth doesn’t know him. Non-controversial private figure.

How did two such different personalities come from the same environment? Maybe ethnicity? Maybe family? Don’t know, but I do know which one I’d rather be with for another 50 years!

Valerie Golembiewski

Southeast side

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