Re: the Jan. 7 letter to the editor 'Trump attack unwarranted.'

Kudos to the letter writer on his language usage and/or copy of the dictionary, but he needs to do some serious research of the known facts. While his use of "ad hominem," "diatribe," and "elegiac" required me to break-out my Wikipedia, his logic and grasp of facts is ”sad.”

While it is true there has been no indictment yet of the Don or his co-conspiratorial familia, his consigliere Cohen, and many others have been already convicted of crimes related to the investigation. There is so much smoke that this fire is obviously raging. Once Mr. Mueller pulls his final rabbit out of the hat, the whole Trump Tower of cards will come tumbling down upon them all.

When that happens, Trump/Boris can only look for help from his “fearless leader.” Melania/Natasha, should be safe however, as God knows she has suffered enough. Let’s hope this all ends soon and we can “Make America sane again.“

Robert Kunz

Sierra Vista

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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