As Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege accept the Nobel Peace Prize, thousands of women continue to suffer from sexual violence and slavery in war-torn areas. In a book about her experience being abducted, Murad describes her captivity as “a slow, painful death — of the body and soul.” Murad survived, but many do not; those who escape often bear the consequences of abduction, rape and forced pregnancy, all exacerbated by Trump’s Global Gag Rule.

Women around the world need protection from this deadly rule, which denies U.S. funding to foreign health-care providers that even mention the word "abortion," regardless of the circumstance. Without access to services, people seek unsafe abortions, of which 31,000 women die from annually, anywhere they can get them — back alleys, curtain clinics, and at the end of a crochet needle.

We cannot stand by as the Trump administration continues to violently undermine the bodily autonomy and reproductive futures of people everywhere. We must fight back and vote for Kirkpatrick on Nov. 6.

Kristen Godfrey


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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