It is said, “nothing is perfect” and it’s true. However, looking at the positives versus the negatives of situations can truly make a difference in a person’s outlook on life. Just look at how CNN and MSNBC, and the printed press have reported the U.S. deal with Mexico regarding illegal immigration – they always seem to dwell on any negatives of a situation versus any positive aspects. It seems like the liberal newspapers and TV news also go for anything that can be found to be a downer.

It is refreshing to also hear and read about the positives of Trump’s “deals” on more conservative outlets (and any honest person has to realize and admit that there are also good things occurring). How liberating it is not be angry and hateful all the time by looking at life positively versus negatively (and any “mean” responses made to my above opinion will prove my point).

Rosalie Wright

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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