Re: the September 6 article "Now is the time for 'Medicare for All'."

Never have I read such a mish-mash of Socialist-speak. The high point was the following:” ...federal expenses would increase since all costs are borne through taxes, ('ya think?) but there would be no additional costs, (huh?) so global payments for health care will significantly decrease ( how does this follow?) and most families will pay much less than they do now.“ (my head is spinning)

What she can't explain in plain English is that there is no way to pay for “Medicare for All” other than to drive the country into fiscal ruin by simply printing the money to pay for it or by enacting the following policy (verbalized by a good friend this morning after reading Ms. Jones piece): “Everyone with over $100,000 in assets, please immediately send the excess to the federal government for redistribution.” Comrades Marx, Lenin and Stalin would be proud of you, Allison.

David Eppihimer

East side

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