Democrat candidate Biden recently commented that Pres. Trump has no foreign policy. Lets look at the Obama-Biden foreign policy. They pulled troops from Iraq allowing ISIS to take large swaths of the country and Syria. Their "red line in the sand" with Syria was a joke. Russia established a military presence in the Middle East, not seen for decades. Obama-Biden did the Iranian nuclear deal giving them $150 billion in frozen assets, $1.3 billion in plane loads of cash, allowed for self inspections, etc. Did a UN Climate deal committing billions of American tax payer money. Did nothing while China built and militarized islands in the China Sea, or after they hacked millions of government employee's information. Allowed Russia to interfere in the election, did not deploy an anti-missile system in Europe stabbing Poland and Czech Republic in the back. Did nothing after Russian surrogates in Ukraine shot down a commercial airliner. They watched as North Korea modernized, built and tested nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

David Burford

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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