Trumps agenda to "make America great again" seems to have morphed into "destroy Obamas legacy" with devastating results. I note the following:

A) he scrapped the trade agreement with far east countries (we are now in a trade war with China).

B) he scrapped the Iran nuclear deal (Iran says they will ramp up nuclear fuel production and war sabers are rattling). C) he scrapped the global warming treaty (polar ice is melting, oceans are rising and severe weather patterns are evolving).

D) he is trying to scrap "Obamacare"(leaving millions without health care).

E) he denigrated NATO (alienating allies we've had since WWII).

F) he blames Obama for policies he gets negative feedback on (the thousands of émigré children held in custody). The hypocrisy of Trump and his congressional supporters is clear. Destroy Obamas legacy and damned the consequences. There is no "gilding the lily" in this case.

John Kuisti

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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