Dear Rep. McSally,

This is in reference to your current television ads lauding your military service while denigrating your opponent's actions at that same time.

Let's be clear, you were performing your military service IN DEFENSE of Kyrsten Sinema's right to disagree with our government's actions, which include her opinion that the action to which you were assigned was detrimental to peace. We all thought that peace was the ultimate goal.

Ms. Sinema's actions were protected by the U.S. Constitution — your job was to protect and defend the Constitution. Your "Holier than thou" attitude strikes me as childish and unappealing. I hope you will pull these ads. If you don't, then your understanding of your job as a soldier and as a U.S. Representative is in question.

Cindy Soffrin

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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