Get over it. Maybe one should look at a white person doing blackface as a way to honor an African-American, not denigrate them. Plus, what happened 30-40 years ago had a whole different connotation than it may hold today. Some people actually change their thoughts over time. President Obama was not supportive of gay marriages when first elected but he wasn't homophobic.

This overly sensitive push to condemn people for things done in a different time is ridiculous. Actions that aren't physically hurting people can't now be brought up to ruin lives. Things like rape, sexual molestation, child molestation should be brought to light, but blackface, calling Native Americans "Indian" or "squaw," are ridiculous — no matter how "sensitive" you are. Grow up like most of these folks have. And just consider how bad it would be if they get replaced by a Trump Republican.

Carl Olson

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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