Many of the unaccompanied children from Central American coming here illegally can qualify for a Special

Immigrant Juvenile Program "green card" giving them Legal Permanent Residency status. They later can apply for citizenship. All that is needed is for a state juvenile court to say that at least "one" parent has abandoned them. In 2011, the government granted 1,869 of the petitions. Last year, the number reached 15,101. Many unaccompanied children are released to a family member here, including say the "other" parent. The scheme involves parents sending their children here alone so they can later claim the SIJP benefit. The children are given legal status, work authorization, and later can petition family members, aka "chain immigration", to become legal immigrants, even if already here and out of status.

On another note, U.S. Immigration Citizenship and Immigration Services reports that there are 950,000 "unexecuted" Removal Orders!

Alice Moreno

North side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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