Re: the September 10 letter "Star must look at all sides of the issues."

I felt sick to my stomach at the suggestion that Central Americans are selfishly using their children as "passports to the american dream". I have been visiting the refugee camps in Sonoyta and nothing could be further from the truth. These are the most loving, caring, gentle people you will ever meet. They are living in squalor yet their children are spotless and given constant love and attention. I have never heard a child cry or whine. They are beautifully behaved and the love between the parents and children is undeniable. I wish we could have them all here in our country. We have something to learn from them. They are not aware of what will happen when they try to gain asylum when they set out to come here. They are running from horrifically dangerous situations in their home country and are looking to protect their children, not endanger them. It is inhumane and an outrage to say otherwise.

Andi Smith

Oro Valley

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