People wring their hands about Donald Trump, despairing about what he is doing to the country. Rather than fret, they should simply enjoy the sheer entertainment value of this administration. Hollywood could not come close to creating anything that would be so interesting, funny, fantastical, or horrifying .

For example, Humphrey Bogart’s manner on the witness stand in the classic film “The Caine Mutiny” is considered a masterpiece of acting. Yet, his portrayal of the paranoid behavior of Captain Queeg is amateurish compared to the astounding performances Donald Trump gives every day, e.g., the amazing scenes relating his predictions about Hurricane Dorian. He was so good that he deserves both an Oscar nomination and the nickname “Alabama Don.”

The Saturday Night Live lampoons of Trump and his minions are wildly popular, but the daily actions of the players of the Trump Theater of the Absurd are far funnier. Their comedy writers are better, and they truly understand the power of self-parody.

Not only is Trump a fine thespian, but he has created an acting troupe without parallel. The best is Mike Pence. In the last two years, Trump and Pence have created their own comedy and magic act, one that vastly improves on Penn and Teller. The similarities become clear if you think about it. Alabama Don is like Penn, the one who leads the act, offering banter as well as slight-of-hand tricks such as using Pentagon money to pay for the border wall. All the while, Pence looks on mutely, like Teller, with the same slightly addled expression. After their time in office, Trump and Pence could easily have a permanent act in Las Vegas.

Tom Chester

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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