We live in a world different from the world that George Herbert Walker Bush was born into in 1924. This man had a career in business and government on all levels. People from places over the globe felt privileged to count him as a true friend. He came from wealth, and yet chose to make his own way. He showed courage and love of country as a very young man. He was a human who had strengths and weaknesses, but never lost his love of humanity, family, and his faith.

Why do we often realize one's extraordinary value when they leave this world? The tributes recalled his love of life, sports, the outdoors, humor and honest competition. The speakers were impressive. The audience was an assortment of dignitaries and long time associates. If only more in that list of important people could someday look back themselves at such a life well lived. If only the old time values were used more often. The world could be that kinder place.

Ethel Maloney


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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